After receiving news that Lonsdale Street Roasters’ brand new kitchen was open, I headed in one morning to try out breakfast. I made my way to the counter where a massive blackboard with the menu written in chalk hangs against the wall. I see that Flute Bakery bread is used at LSR 23 as they have advertised Flute Bakery toast on the menu with a variety of condiments. I was tossing up between the sourdough waffle or one of the egg dishes.

I ordered the eggs florentine with malt bread and creamed spinach ($16.50) for something a little different and my usual soy mocha ($5). A large wooden block (it had a bit of weight to it) with a number on it was handed to me before I went to sit down at one of the tables inside.

I must admit that this was my first time at LSR 23. I’ve had coffee at Remedy by LSR on the Kingston Foreshore, but never here. Looking around, the eatery has very much a raw warehouse look with exposed ceilings and timber beams running along the top. One side of the large room holds the coffee counter and window where people can walk in from the street to order their takeaway coffees. A large metal shelf displays bags of the popular LSR coffee beans for sale. I saw a few people that morning buying some along with their breakfast.

On the other side of the eatery lies an open kitchen with a long bar and stools for people to sit and watch.

It’s very spacious inside with a few long wooden tables to sit at. There’s definitely space for more tables, but then again, the whole warehouse atmosphere wouldn’t work.

It only took about 10 minutes for my meal to arrive. I was impressed with the very thick slice of malt bread (which is slightly sweet from all the malt) that contrasted well with the savoury elements of the dish. There was a LOT of gooey sauciness going on. The poached eggs oozed down, mixing in with the hollandaise sauce which I happily mixed with everything else. The hollandaise was thick and creamy but I couldn’t taste much zing. The creamed spinach was a naughtier version of the usual wilted spinach. I didn’t eat all of the sauce as it started getting too creamy for me by the end of the meal.

Sadly, my soy mocha didn’t arrive until after I’d finished my meal. It came in a large cup and was so smooth and creamy. I don’t know how you can make soy milk so creamy but I loved it. I savoured every mouthful. And licked the sides.

Even though it took a while for my coffee to come out (understandable since there was a huge queue for takeaway coffee when I arrived), I’m happy with breakfast here and will be coming back. Perhaps for those sourdough waffles… Though I did see a photo on LSR 23’s Facebook page showing this enormous Shroom Burger stuffed with cheese which I must try for lunch too. Service is aloof and staff generally leave you alone. Prices are reasonable for Canberra. Of course, there’s lots more seating outdoors, however with winter settling in, the inside tables may be more popular.

Foodgasm 7/10
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