After my having lunch at Local Press Cafe, I headed back the next day with friends for brunch. The one page menu makes it easier to decide on what to order.

Cups and a water jug are provided after sitting down.

The menu does not include drinks so I didn’t know how much my soy mocha cost. This was a lighter and thinner mocha than what I’m used to and I found there was less coffee, but I didn’t mind it.

For breakfast, I decided on the green pea pancake with poached eggs, guacamole, crushed fetta, mint and chives, dressed in house pomegranate balsamic reduction ($16.50). The poached eggs looked like they were about to break and I eagerly popped them to let the silky yolk ooze out onto the rest of the pancake. The pancake itself is more of a crepe and mine was slightly burnt on one end, however, all the toppings were just delicious and so healthy. Both the fetta and balsamic reduction provided a yummy tangy hit to this gooey saucy dish.

The others at the table ordered the Green Breaky Plate ($17.50) which had za’atar coated boiled eggs with kale, salmon, quinoa, almonds, asparagus and goats cheese. This looked great (and again so healthy), but was almost the complete opposite to the pancake in terms of gooeyness. This was a rather dry dish and both friends commented on this fact. The salmon was being carefully portioned out as it was the only source of moistness on the plate. The za’atar herb mix was very salty, which tasted good covering the plain boiled egg, but both friends mentioned it was overly salty. Otherwise a great dish!

As per my initial post about Local Press Cafe, I love the fit out and decor!

There were lots of people sitting outdoors enjoying the sunshine and blue sky.

I wasn’t too impressed with the lunch-time prices from my first visit, but I understand wholefood isn’t cheap. Really happy with breakfast and I’ll definitely be going back for more.

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Foodgasm 7.5/10
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