I noticed the new Grill and Sizzle Fusion restaurant in Dickson a few months ago. There used to be a sign advertising it was Asian/Japanese fine-dining but noticed this was taken down. On a Sunday afternoon, I headed in for lunch with a friend to check it out. We were greeted by our waitress and, being the first ones there for lunch, chose a table near the windows. The main menu and specials menu were provided, followed promptly with a bottle of tap water and glasses.

I had a craving for raw fish so the small sashimi platter ($36.80) was my lunch choice. This was beautifully presented on a large deep square bowl filled with packed ice.

Grill and Sizzle sushi

Four types of fish are included in the small platter – tuna, salmon, Kingfish and Yellowtail. Then there’s some octopus, scallops and a dollop of caviar. I thought the fish was fresh and of great quality. The salmon, tuna and Kingfish were silky smooth and went down well with a touch of wasabi and soy sauce. The Yellowtail was more rubbery than the other three which meant I was chewing on it for a little longer. But only a little and I did enjoy it. I was actually expecting some rubbery octopus but this was not the case. Instead, I found it a little tough at first but easy to break down and chew. I thought it had a very a neutral flavour so much soy sauce was added. The two large blobs of wasabi were far too much for my tastebuds and I only managed to scratch the top of one.

Grill and Sizzle sashimi platter

The scallops were unbelievably soft and juicy. The pairing with caviar and avocado helped lift the otherwise bland scallops. I’d like to mention that the caviar pearls themselves were bursting with juiciness.

Grill and Sizzle sashimi Dickson

My friend ordered the lunch special Oyako Don set ($16.80) consisting of crumbed and battered chicken pieces cooked with egg on rice.

Grill and Sizzle Oyako Don

The restaurant itself is huge. The decor is modern and metallic with a shiny black (tiled?) ceiling, bronze metallic chairs and silvery tiled floors. Light bulbs hang down to provide some warmth to the room. There is a large window to one side allowing diners to peek into the kitchen and watch the chefs at work.

Grill and Sizzle Dickson 1

On the other side of the room lies a black padded banquette running across the whole wall with similar style chairs. What I’d call an artsy patchwork of mirrors were hung up against the wall. The space inside the restaurant is impressive.

Grill and Sizzle Dickson 2

I’m informed that the large sashimi platter ($42.80) has 7 kinds of fish included while the deluxe sashimi platter has 12 kinds! I wouldn’t mind going back with some keen sashimi lovers to try the deluxe sashimi platter. Sizing doesn’t seem to include medium, just small, large and deluxe.

I should point out the ‘fusion’ part of the restaurant menu. There are your typical Japanese foods such as edamame ($5.80), takoyaki ($11.80), various tempura, udon noodles, sashimi and sushi rolls (under $10). Then you have some Western Japanese foods such as Wagyu eye fillet steak ($36.60), grilled BBQ skewers that come with 2 in a serve – chicken cartilage skewers, ox tongue skewers and bacon wrapped with oyster meat skewers are some of the stranger examples. Don’t worry there are also your normal options such as pork belly, chicken wing, beef satay skewers and more. Then oddly enough, there’s an Italian influence with items such as squid ink pasta with seafood ($21.80) and angel hair spaghetti with king prawns and white wine sauce ($18.80). Very much a mish-mash of items.

Some shots of the menu below

Grill and Sizzle menu

Grill and Sizzle menu 3
Grill and Sizzle menu 2

 Service was attentive, though that is to be expected as we were the only people in the restaurant for a while. There were only two other tables of diners inside by the time we left. I do like the fact that our waiter placed soy sauce dispensers and small dipping bowls in front of you before your food arrives, then pours a little bit of soy sauce into it after placing down your meals.

Grill and Sizzle fusion Dickson

Grill and Sizzle Fusion is located on the main strip on Woolley Street in Dickson and offers a unique style of Japanese dining. I am definitely going back for more sashimi and will need to try out some of the fusion items.

Foodgasm 7.5/10
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