I went to a birthday dinner at Zierholz Premium Brewery in Fyshwick. Since I don’t drink, the brewery was never high on my list of places to visit until I had a closer look at the menu. Zierholz offers German foods such as pork knuckle, pork belly, sausages and schnitty with sides of sauerkraut and potato mash. I must admit the two dessert options of apple strudel and Belgian waffles were the first to catch my eye.

A friend and I shared the cheesy bread ($6). This was like a garlic cheesy bread with thick slices of crunchy but soft bread. A thick layer of cheesy that went all stringy when you pulled it apart. It was awesome. Simple and delicious.

Zierholz brewery canberra cheesy bread

For a taste of everything, a friend and I shared the tasting platter for 2 ($24.50 each) which gave us a selection of chicken schnitzel, 3 kinds of sausages – weisswurst, bratwurst and kransky, and pork belly with crackling. The schnitty was thin and your average tasting piece of chicken but I did like the crunchy crumbed batter. Of the three sausages, the lighter flesh weisswurst was my favourite as it had the best and punchier flavour. The pork belly was very fatty but the meat I managed to pick out was soft and incredibly tender. Some seeded mustard and lemon wedges were provided, however I tended to dip everything into the gravy that was supplied for my partner’s dish.

Zierholz Brewery tasting platter

A side of mash and sauerkraut was also provided on a separate tray. Not the best mash I’ve had.

Zierholz Brewery sauerkraut

My partner ordered the trio of sausages ($24) which came with mash and sauerkraut. These were the same sausages as provided on the tasting platter. Love that everything was swimming in gravy.

Zierholz Brewery trio of sausages

He also ordered the beer tasting tray (I think $13.50) which allows you to taste the 7 beers on tap.

Zierholz Brewery beer tasting tray

My friend and I couldn’t finish off the platter as we were too full (so much meat) so I gave dessert a miss. Service here is straight forward – you pay at the bar and wait staff bring out your meal. Not the best meal I’ve had but I did love the yummy cheesy bread. Location-wise it’s not really on the way to anything. And it shuts early on a Saturday night – last drinks called around 10pm. Zierholz is first and foremost a brewery, so it isn’t my kind of restaurant. But I may go back and try something else if others were interested.

Zierholz Brewery Canberra 1

Foodgasm 6/10
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