Remedy by Lonsdale Street Roasters and Morks Thai recently introduced a joint breakfast collaboration at the Kingston Foreshore. Located out the front of Remedy, a table and BBQ are set up to cook the day’s simple menu. There are only two options – both $10 each.

Remedy Morks Kingston Foreshore

These vertical gardens are everywhere now. I like it!

Remedy Lonsdale St Roasters Kingston

Orders and payments are taken inside Remedy. I do love the old wooden boat hanging from the ceiling.

Remedy by Lonsdale St Roasters Kingston Foreshore

I ordered the sweet croissant with poached strawberries and lime curd. A pretty big croissant dusted in icing sugar.

Remedy Morks croissant

Croissants are cut in half and warmed on the BBQ before the strawberries and lime curd are placed inside. Looks very simple but what’s impressive is how the flavours worked so well together. The sourness of the lime curd cut through the sweetness of the poached strawberries. I thought this provided a really good balance.

Remedy Morks Kingston croissant

The following weekend I headed back to see if the menu had changed. It hadn’t but I was keen to try out a classic – the bacon and egg roll. The Remedy + Morks version had slow cooked eggs and tomato relish as a bit of a contemporary twist. I could see the eggs cooking in a big pot set at 60 or 65 degrees celsius so the egg was very soft and a little wobbly making it slide out the side of the bun as I walked home. This is one of the best bacon and egg rolls I’ve had in a long time. The tomato relish is a significant contributor to this roll – a great strong flavour with some tang, a little hint of spice and onion, but not overpowering. I should have asked whether this was home made or bottled as I’d like some more! No need for tomato or BBQ sauce. This tomato relish is perfect.
Remedy Morks Kingston bacon egg roll
Find the Remedy + Morks breakfast collaboration on Sunday mornings between 7-10am. The menu was updated since their collaboration debut earlier last month so I’m sure it will be changing regularly.

Foodgasm 7.5/10

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