My partner organised my birthday dinner with a group of friends at Morks. I love Morks! We all partook in the 8 course tasting menu ($95 without wine, $125 with wine). After my last experience with the tasting menu at the previous Florey location, I was keen to try out the updated menu.

Course 1 – pan seared scallops with pig ear terrine. This was part of Morks’ previous tasting menu and was just as good. Fantastic fresh juicy scallops that go so well with the terrine.

Morks pig ear

Course 2 – pan seared king prawn, pork and prawn wonton, ginger and soy emulsion, pork master stock. A nice light dish with subtle flavours.

Morks Kingston prawn

Course 3 – I think this was an Australian mackerel or barramundi with a tomato, cucumber and coriander salsa. The fish wasn’t cooked in anything but I thoroughly enjoyed its juicy natural flavour. There was plenty of zest in the salsa which was covered in some sort of balsamic vinegar.

Morks Kingston fish

Course 4 – a palette cleanser of lychee sorbet was provided. This was half melted when it arrived but oh so good.

Morks Kingston lychee sorbet

Course 5 – cured pork with crispy rice seasoned with red curry paste, dried hot chilli, roasted coconut and herbs. This dish was just too salty for me – both the pork and the rice were overpowering so I couldn’t taste anything else.

Morks Kingston cured pork

Course 6 – chargrilled chicken with traditional style marinade, poached daikon and jasmine rice scented with ginger and garlic. The daikon (radish on top) was soft to slice through but had such a neutral taste that I couldn’t figure out what it was until I saw the menu again. The chicken was chargrilled perfectly – juicy and with an awesome charred taste.

Morks Kingston chicken

Course 7 – braised pork belly with crackling, spinach, quail egg and rice fried with basil and chilli. This is one of the best pork belly dishes I’ve ever had. Mainly because there is no pork belly fat. Instead, they substitute the fat for soft spinach. Love it! A winner every time.

Morks Kingston pork belly

Course 8 – the ‘sweet egg in hay’ and my favourite dessert at Morks! Coconut ice cream, toasted coconut, warm flaky pastry, fairy floss and condensed milk. Mmmmmm delish! See my rave about the full version of this dessert here.

Morks Kingston sweet egg in hay dessert
Closer shot of the tasting menu size
Closer shot of the tasting menu size

I always enjoy eating here. I’ve written about this restaurant so many times now. Great staff, service and food. The angel prawns and red duck curry are a must try.

Morks Kingston Foreshore

Foodgasm 7/10
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