I’d heard Tuck Shop Cafe was a popular brunch spot in Northbridge but had limited seating (fits 25 people inside apparently) and was always packed out on weekends. Luckily I’m on holidays so I was able to go in on a weekday. It is rather small and cosy inside. All the tables have wheels at the bottom – funky and practical.

Tuck Shop Northbridge

Interesting lighting scattered around the place with knotted up cords

Tuck Shop Northbridge light

I do like the upside down hanging plants.

Tuck Shop Northbridge plants

There is a shelf filled with items for sale such as jams, sauces, drinks, pastas and biscuits. The crates filled with fresh fruit and vegetables are a nice touch too.

Tuck Shop Northbridge shelves

Interesting drinks on the shelves.

Tuck Shop Northbridge drinks

Our waitress showed us to our seats and we were immediately provided glasses and a jug of water. She also mentioned the specials menu on the back wall and took our drinks order.

Tuck Shop Northbridge menu

I ordered my usual soy mocha (forgot how much this was) which didn’t take long to come out. A wonderful mocha just the way I like it.

Tuck Shop Northbridge mocha

I love any baked egg dish so the smoked cod, potato and leek bake with poached egg and cheddar toastie ($19.50) was my pick. I also missed out on smoked cod at Typika Artisan Roasters so I felt the need to satisfy my craving. This was served on a thin wooden board and there was a lot more than I anticipated. The bake was like a chowder with chunks of cod, slices of potato, grated carrots, leeks and chives inside. The poached egg was perfectly cooked and nice and runny. The bake was just begging to be mopped up with the cheese toastie. This was DELICIOUS and I was very happy with my choice. So full of flavour and a wonderful mix of ingredients that worked well together.  I couldn’t finish the bake as it got too rich and creamy for me towards the end.

Tuck Shop Northbridge cod leek bake

Tuckshop cod potato leek bake

I can’t forget the cheddar cheese toastie! The ciabatta tasted great and I loved tearing chunks off to dip into the bake mix. Mmmm cheesy…

Tuckshop Northbridge cheese toastie

My friend ordered the sauteed mushrooms with feta and spinach on multigrain sourdough toast ($17.50). The mushrooms were big and flavoursome and there were plenty of them. She was very happy with her meal too.

Tuck Shop Northbridge mushrooms feta spinach

Friendly quick service, great food and coffee, nice atmosphere and it’s within walking distance from the Perth train station. I would love to go back to Tuck Shop!

Foodgasm 8/10
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