The first time I went to Dolce & Salato, I noticed the large wood-fired oven in the corner but it wasn’t in action just yet. Just before Christmas, they fired up the oven and I got to try it out earlier this month. Some friends and I shared two pizzas between the three of us.

Pizza 1 was the ‘Strauss’ pizza ($19) consisting of slow roasted pork belly, sweet and sour onions, radicchio and bocconcini cheese. There was hardly any pork belly and what little we did get was thin and dry after being in the oven. The onion was a little caramelised and was nice. The rest of pizza didn’t impress me at all.

Dolce Salato pizza 1 

Pizza 2 was the ‘Verdi’ pizza ($19) consisting of caramelised pear, prosciutto, brie, rocket and bocconcini cheese. I really liked this pizza – there was lots of soft caramelised pear which provided a beautiful contrast to the salty prosciutto. And double cheese = awesome. It was good to see lots of fresh greens on top too. I enjoyed eating this and would order this again.

Dolce Salato verdi pizza

The wood-fired pizza menu

Dolce salato pizza menu

Since we were in a pasticerria, I couldn’t not get something cake-like. Lots of yummy looking things in the glass display cabinets. I was tempted by the multiple tarts available.

Dolce Salato Canberra

Dolce Salato Canberra 2

I settled on the ‘Vienetta’ cake ($8.90) consisting of milk and white chocolate mousse layers sitting on a thin chocolate base. The mousse was very smooth, creamy and gave me my sugar hit. I’m glad this was shared between two as it was quite rich after a few spoonfuls. The rolled up stripey chocolate sticks on top were a cute addition to the cake.

Dolce Salato vienetta

A friend enjoyed his gluten-free mixed nut muffin ($7.50).

Dolce Salato nut muffin

Lunch here is okay and I do love the fit out of the place, and the Italian pasticceria and pizzeria concept, however this isn’t my first choice of places to eat in the city. I liked one of the two pizzas ordered, so I’d be willing to try out the others. All of the cakes and pastries on display are tempting (though $7.50 for a muffin is a bit steep) and I like how there are different sorts each day. I’d be interested in their wood-fired breakfasts once they are introduced – their website states the menu is coming soon.

Foodgasm 6.5/10
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