I’ve dined at Ellacure a few times for dinner and have always been impressed with the food and service. This was my first time trying out their brunch menu so I was curious to see what it was like. We were greeted by our smiling waiter and taken to our table.

Ellacure Belconnen outside

Looking at the juices available, I ordered the ‘Radical Action’ of apple, peach, orange, mango and blackberry with elderberry, green tea and grape seed extracts ($5). I wasn’t expecting juice out of a bottle. In saying that, it wasn’t too bad.

Ellacure juice

I couldn’t go past the bean and chorizo cassoulet with a poached egg and parmesan chilli toast ($16). Though the beans were a bit hard to bite into, I thought this was rather tasty. The chorizo worked really well as an additional flavour to the beans and tomato. Underneath the pile of beans lies a piece of toast which, due to the extra liquid, was completely soggy when I managed to get to it. I couldn’t taste any chilli either.

Ellacure Belconnen cassoulet

Food porn of friends’ dishes – Eggs benedict with salmon ($16)

Ellacure Belconnen eggs benedict

Bacon and eggs on toast ($14) – this didn’t look that appealing. A very average breakfast.

Ellacure Belconnen bacon eggs

We noticed one of the wait staff come in carrying a rhubarb plant he’d just yanked out of the garden. That’s when I realised the greenery out the front of the restaurant was a little herb and vegetable garden. Can’t get much fresher than that!

Ellacure Belconnen inside

Service was friendly and it didn’t take long for our meals to arrive. Ellacure has a nice vibe to it and we would have sat outside if it wasn’t a breezy day. Brunch was pleasant but I think I prefer their lunch/dinner menu better.

Foodgasm 6.5/10
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  1. I wouldn’t recommend Ellacure unless you want a side of chlamydia with your meal. The head chef Michael Rees cheated on his then girlfriend of five years with waitress, Danielle Mulherin (his brother’s ex). He then went on a holiday with his girlfriend and continued to cheat when they got back. It didn’t work out as he got caught, his girlfriend ended up with an STD and has to have tests for everything including HIV. I’d pass on Ellacure.

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