Heading into Canberra Centre, I noticed that Moochi frozen yogurt had opened up opposite Big W. This is the fourth froyo shop to open up in Canberra (that I know of) after Yogurtland, Noggi and Nominom.

Moochi frozen yoghurt Canberra

Prices seem a little cheaper than Yogurtland (I spent nearly $10) where yogurt is charged by weight. At Moochi, you can get a cone or mini yogurt for $3.50. This is the price of only the yogurt as each topping is an additional 50c to $1 (premium topping).

Moochi Canberra menu

I purchased the regular sized yogurt ($4.50) as I was informed only regular sizes and up can have two types of yogurts. I chose the biscotti and strawberry cheesecake flavours and added fresh strawberries as my topping (50c). They got my order wrong as I was given mango instead of the biscotti. Ah well, that was my third choice yogurt anyway. The mango was a bit sour and didn’t have much of a mango flavour to it. The strawberry cheesecake was really yummy and I’ll order that again. The fresh strawberries made me feel somewhat healthy.

Moochi froyo Canberra

Toppings available include nerds, honeycomb, choc chips, granola, fruit pearls, almonds, mochi and more.

Moochi Canberra froyo toppings

The system is fast – order and pay at one end, one of the staff pours the yogurt and adds the topping/s, collect at the other end. The downside is that there are only 6 yogurts you can choose from – original, mango, strawberry cheesecake, watermelon, biscotti and coconut. Yogurtland has 16+ yogurts to choose from and you can have as many flavours in a cup as you want.

Moochi Canberra Centre

The upside is that Canberra now has 4 types of froyo shops to choose from!

Foodgasm 7/10

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