Farmers Daughter, a Yarralumla brunch spot, opened up a sister store in the Canberra Centre last week. Located under the escalators near Fitness First and Jamie’s Italian, the shop is quite small and only sells coffee, yummy looking pastries (macarons, tarts, croissants, pain au chocolat) and has a limited breakfast menu as there is no stove top.

Farmers Daughter Canberra menu

I was in the Canberra Centre early in the morning for the Boxing Day sales, and I needed some coffee to give me a bit of a boost. Campos coffee is used and I rather like it. I was prepared to order my soy mocha until I noticed the price on the drinks menu. A regular mocha was $5.50 and with soy milk an extra 50c. There was NO WAY I was paying $6 for a mocha! Instead, I ordered a latte ($3.50+50c soy).

Farmers Daughter Canberra mocha

I was given my number in a granny smith apple – quirky. There are seats behind the shop so I had my coffee at the long counter. I do love the various fresh herbs tied up in brown paper that are placed along the beautifully tiled counter.

Farmers Daughter decor

Farmers Daught Canberra tiled counter

I noticed the tables were actually refurbished Singer sewing machine tables. How cool! I wonder how long it took to hunt for them all?

Farmers Daughter Canberra singer tables

Nothing on the breakfast menu really appeals to me. I also remember the Yarralumla cafe being quite overpriced and had never been back. I did enjoy the coffee and like the quirky decor but will have to buy a mocha elsewhere ($6, really?!). I also noticed a basic croissant is $8.50. Yes it includes butter and preserves, but I think it’s overpriced for what it is.

Foodgasm 6/10

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