I’ve heard lots of good things about this little shop in Garran called Mamak Corner. It looks like your typical Chinese/Malaysian suburban take away shop and restaurant with formica-like tables and chairs, plain cheapie white napkins and a bit of clutter behind the counter. I used to work in a Chinese restaurant just like it.

I’d heard the roti here was good so it was easy to decide what to order – the Roti Curry Set ($14). You have a choice of chicken curry or beef rendang. I chose the beef. The curry came out a dark shade of red and I realised I’d forgotten to ask for a mild curry. Luckily it wasn’t spicy at all. The little glob of dark red on the plate is a mix of sambal and curry sauce – not that spicy either. The pieces of diced beef were surprisingly soft (no gristly bits). The roti skin was crispy on the outside, but soft on the inside. It was greasy but I didn’t care. It was so bad but oh-so-good. And there was plenty of it! I thoroughly enjoyed dunking/submerging the pieces of roti into the curry.

Mamak Corner roti Garran

Halfway throughout the meal, it was all getting saltier so I was thankful for the tap water provided. My work colleague ordered the Singapore Noodles ($13.50) and was happy with his meal.

Mamak Corner Garran singapore noodles

I’d happily go back and order the roti curry again. Mamak Corner also has a sister restaurant, The Roti House, in Acton that offers a yummy roti canai with 2 curries (one meat, one vegetarian). I tried the beef rendang there over a year ago and had to politely spit most of it out due to fat and gristly bits. It might have changed since then. I’d probably stick to the fresh roti made by the order. Yummy!

Foodgasm 7/10
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