For lunch, a few work colleagues and I caught up at the Asian Noodle House in Woden. They do good laksa deals here which is what I had previously. It was a warm day so I didn’t particularly feel like a hot laksa. I’m yet to find a place in Canberra that can do a good Hainan Chicken Rice. I always find the chicken to be too dry. The menu stated the chicken was poached so I thought I’d give this a go.

It was served with rice, a bowl of soup and some sauce made of (I think) peanut/chilli/soy/ginger sauces ($14.50).

Asian Noodle House hainan chicken

I could instantly tell that the chicken was dry. There was a lot of it, but it was missing that beautiful soft moistness that is Hainan Chicken. I probably should’ve known from the spelling mistake in the menu ‘Hainam Chicken’. Ah well, at least I gave it a go. The sauce was different – peanutty with soy, and a bit salty, I wouldn’t have picked that to go with the meal. I quite enjoyed the chicken soup and the chicken rice was nice too. The bok choy laying underneath the chicken had just been boiled so it was very plain (but healthy).

Asian Noodle House 1

Food porn of the other dishes – the special fried rice with seafood ($12) tasted amazing and was full of flavour. I will have to get that next time.

Asian Noodle House special fried rice

The pad thai chicken and prawn ($14.50)

Asian Noodle House pad thai

The pad thai vegetable ($13.50)

Asian Noodle House pad thai veg

Quite disappointed with the Hainan chicken rice. But their lunch laksa specials are of great value.

Asian Noodle House specials 

The last time I was here, I ordered Laksa Combo 1 for $16.50 which includes a full size laksa (I chose the combination laksa), 2 spring rolls and a soft drink. It hit the spot.

Asian Noodle House Woden laksa

If you can’t handle a full size laksa, they also have half size laksas on their regular menu from $11.

Asian Noodle House in Woden has reasonably priced food and good service – it didn’t take long for our orders to be taken and water was brought out to us as soon as we sat down. I wouldn’t recommend the Hainan Chicken Rice, but the laksas are nice.

Foodgasm 4/10 (Hainan Chicken Rice), 7/10 (Laksa)

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