On a day off, I decided to head out to Hume to try out Bread Nerds for lunch. Having seen it at the Kingston Bus Depot markets (also trading as That Bagel Place) and reading some good reviews about it, I thought it was time to give it a go. Bread Nerds is located in an odd place in the middle of an industrial part of town.

Bread Nerds Hume

Walking inside, there are numerous things on display at the front counter such as freshly made rolls and sandwiches, sausage rolls, pies, sweet tarts, donuts and freshly baked bread and bagels on the wracks along the back wall. The bagel menu consists of sesame seed, cinnamon and raisin, cheese, jalapeno and chives, blueberry and more.

Bread Nerds Hume inside

The Italian donuts on display were HUGE and very tempting.

Bread Nerds donuts

I bought the piri piri chicken roll ($8) and asked to have half here and the other half as takeaway so I could try one of their awesome looking pies.The piri piri chicken was delicious and smothered in a sweet and slightly spicy piri piri sauce. Probably not that healthy with all of the sauce. The rather tall piece of bread was soft, fresh and yum.

Bread Nerds bread rollsFrom about noon, I watched as a steady flow of people came strolling in to take away a meat pie, sausage roll or sandwich. By 12.15pm, there were only a few pies left and not much choice. The steak and mushroom must be very popular as one guy ordered 5 of them for him and some workmates. I decided on the curry beef pie with vegetables. The pies here are taller than other pies and you can see there are more puff pastry layers on top.

Bread Nerds Hume pies

I was expecting a full on curry sauce, but I was wrong. It looked and tasted like a normal beef pie with a slight kick of curry spices in it and some vegies throughout. This is one of the best beef pies I’ve ever had! The pieces of beef were of high quality (none of the gristly fatty stuff), tender and mixed in a delicious gravy.

Bread Nerds curry pie

 To take away, I bought a raspberry and pear danish for something sweet.

Bread Nerds danish

The pastry was nice and tall with a little island of raspberry, pears and custard in the middle. This was fresh and the pastry was appropriately flaky. A nice sweet treat.

Bread Nerds danish half

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Bread Nerds. The two waitstaff were lovely and made sure I was happy with my meal and comfortable. The bread and pies taste fantastic! There is also no minimum amount for Eftpos (small win). The Bread Nerds cafe is only open on weekdays so you may need to head into the Bus Depot markets for their fresh breads and bagels. 

Foodgasm 8.5/10

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