I felt like sushi and have gone to Hero Sushi at Westfield Woden on a few occasions. It is located in an odd spot – next door to Price Attack near Coles. The shop has a nice open seating area and you can see the sushi chef slicing up fresh raw salmon on the kitchen bench. Wish I had that skill with a knife.

Apart from the various sushi rolls available, there’s a range of other delicacies in the second glass cabinet display such as fried scallop, grilled scallop, tempura, spicy crab and prawn. The fried scallop ($2.00) was just so cute that I had to try it. It wasn’t too bad cold, but I couldn’t really taste the flavour of the scallop.

Hero Sushi fried scallopThe prawn twister ($2.20) had some surprisingly tasty prawn meat inside. Although only half was filled with meat, and the rest consisted of just the fried wrapper. The rainbow roll ($2.20) was stuffed with heaps of tuna, with grilled salmon on top and smothered in a spicy mayo – quite nice. The grilled scallop ($2.20) was sitting on a cube of rice and had a lot of mayo on top. Again, couldn’t really taste the flavour of the scallop. All I could taste was something soft and the mayo.

Hero Sushi prawn twister

Sushi rolls are around $3 – $4 with a mix of brown rice and white rice rolls. I found the rolls are thicker in size than most other places. The salmon roll had very fresh pieces of raw salmon in it but not that many pieces. The smoked salmon roll (love salmon!) have the slices of salmon and avocado placed on the outside of the roll. The inside was stuffed with cream cheese and salad. Delicious combination! Love salmon and cream cheese together. It’s something that I’d order again.

Hero Sushi WodenThe beef roll was stuffed full with slices of beef in a teriyaki/soy-like marinade. Tasty!

Hero Sushi Woden 1

The salmon and avocado roll had a nice amount of fresh raw salmon in it.

Hero Sushi salmon avocado

The dill chicken mayo tasted oh so good! The addition of the dill in the mayo made a nice difference between the other chicken sushi rolls out there. Yum!

Hero Sushi dill chicken mayo

There are plenty of staff to serve you during the busy lunchtime rush. I will definitely be going back for regular sushi fixes.

Hero Sushi Woden 2

Hero Sushi Woden 3

Hero Sushi is also set to open soon in the Canberra Centre.

Foodgasm 7/10

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