I was in Sydney over the long weekend for the International Fleet Review. A few of us stayed in Potts Point which has quite a few funky cafes and restaurants. We asked reception for an idea of some good restaurants within walking distance to our hotel. Cafe Sopra at Fratelli Fresh (just above Woolworths) was recommended for some good Italian food. The Fratelli Fresh part is a general store selling fruit, pasta, sauces, cheeses etc. Without a booking, we managed to get a seat outside with outdoor heaters providing some warmth.

I felt like something light so decided on the ricotta gnocchi with pumpkin, peas, pine nuts and goats cheese ($20). I was expecting chunks of pumpkin in the dish, but the pumpkin was puree’d and used as the sauce. The fresh gnocchi was fantastic and I enjoyed mixing the goats cheese and parmesan throughout the sauce. I really liked this dish. Very light and it tasted healthy as there was no cream-based sauce.

Cafe Sopra Sydney gnocchi

My work colleague ordered the lasagna. This had a huge layer of potato on top too like a shepherd’s pie. My colleague liked her lasagna but would have preferred a side salad with it. So she ordered a ‘Mixed Leaf Salad’ ($8) which only consisted of different types of lettuce, hence the title mixed leaf, however there were no tomatoes which she’d asked for, or anything else with it! For $8, this was way overpriced.

Cafe Sopra Sydney lasagna

There is quite a lot on the menu written up on a massive blackboard inside.

Cafe Sopra Sydney menu

All desserts are $14.90, and I settled on the chocolate budini (pudding) with vanilla gelato. This needed about 20 minutes before it could come out. The budini was nice, thick and warm. Chocolatey but not too strong or rich. The vanilla gelato tasted amazing also. A wonderful dessert!

Cafe Sopra Sydney chocolate budini
Chocolate budini with vanilla gelato

My work colleague ordered the lemon tart with mixed berries. She enjoyed the lemony custard and soft pastry shell.

Cafe Sopra Sydney lemon tart

Overall, the food was fresh, the gnocchi was delicious and I was happy with dessert. I must admit that the following night I wanted to go back and try something else, but with all the awesome restaurants to try out in Sydney, we went elsewhere. Cafe Sopra has really friendly service, a big selection of mains and desserts and I would go back 🙂

Cafe Sopra Sydney
Foodgasm 8/10

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