Walking into work early this morning, I was greeted by a friendly man standing on the street who informed me that a new cafe/coffee shop just a few doors down had opened up, offering free coffees to everyone today. Who can pass up free coffee?!

The cafe is called Quizine, located on Botany Street in Phillip next to the Cheesecake Shop and the laundromat. Upon entering the cafe, the first thing I noticed was the massive wooden crate filled with Granny Smith apples. There are also miniature crates filled with apples on some tables. Love it! A cute, healthy and edible prop 🙂

Quizine PhillipThe funky wall behind the counter provides snippets of what the cafe offers. It obviously emphasises healthy eating with such quotes like ‘Eat Clean. Train Mean. Live Lean’ and ‘You are what you eat so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake’.

Quizine Cafe PhillipThe other walls have been designed so that some of the brickwork shows through giving it a slight rustic feel. There are about 8 tables inside.

Quizine Cafe Phillip inside

As I was waiting for my soy mocha with the other public servants, I spotted the cronuts displayed on top of the counter. They were labelled as ‘cream donuts’, but I could see the flaky pastry that is a cronut. There were also some yummy muffins – the blueberry muffin with cream cheese icing looked awesome.

Quizine Cafe cronuts

Quizine Cafe cronut close up

The cronut ($4) was filled with a beautifully made custard and lightly sprinkled with sugar YUM!

Quizine cronutI’m no coffee guru but thought my soy mocha was alright. A regular coffee is $3.80 and a large is $4.30 (50c more for soy or decaf). Quizine Cafe coffee

I had a peek at their breakfast menu offering the standard brekky items – bacon and eggs, muesli, raisin toast, a big breakfast and more.

Quizine Cafe menu

I’m curious to see what they have on offer for lunch and will need to head back. I did notice some fresh sandwiches and quiches in the glass counter and I’m sure they were busily preparing more food to fill the rest of the glass display.

I thought the two girls behind the counter and even the man on the street advertising the cafe were really friendly. The cafe is not in the best location and can easily be missed. I hear they’ve put out some bright green balloons as part of their opening day.

Quizine is open Monday to Saturday with breakfast being served until 11.30 weekdays and until 2pm on Saturday. It’s worth checking out. Quizine Cafe Phillip 1

Foodgasm 7/10

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