Thai Spice in Woden serves amazing curry puffs and decent Thai food. I come here quite regularly being so close to work. The pad thai chicken and prawns is my usual order. My work colleagues tell me it has changed ownership over the years and isn’t as good as it used to be. It still hits the spot though.

Massaman is a very popular curry with potatoes and peanuts in it. The Massaman beef is what people usually order but I decided to be a bit different and ordered the Massaman chicken curry with saffron coconut rice. This was a BEAUTIFUL dish. The chicken is so tender and soft to bite in to. It falls apart when you poke your fork into it. I think I have been converted to the Massaman chicken. The sauce is delicious – slightly salty, but oh so gooood. My work colleague sums it up nicely ‘I wish I could just put this in a cup and drink all of the sauce’.

Massaman Chicken Curry

The saffron coconut rice was average. I couldn’t taste any coconut. It’s really just a saffron rice.

Oh and here are the curry puffs – forgot to take a photo of the inside but it tasted fresh and delicious. My colleagues and I were discussing what the dipping sauce it comes with is made up of. It’s like a mixture of honey, sweet chilli sauce and something else. YUM!

Curry puffs

These is a Thai Spice outlet at the food court in Westfield Woden too, but those curry puffs taste slightly different to the ones you can get at the restaurant. There is also a limited selection of dishes. I find the curries there much oilier than at the restaurant. Though the chicken and prawns pad thai tastes the same and is actually slightly cheaper.

I’d highly recommend the Massaman dishes and curry puffs (at the restaurant). Best of all, the curry servings are quite large and I was only able to eat half. The waitress put it all into a takeaway container for me and that was dinner sorted 🙂

Foodgasm 8/10

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