I caught up with some friends at Kagawa Japanese Cuisine in Dickson. This is another restaurant I always pass but never have the opportunity to try. There is moderate seating capacity inside. The menu is bright and colourful, and completely packed with pictures of each dish on both sides. So much to choose from!

To try something new, I ordered the Avocado Capis – a sweet creamy milkshake that didn’t taste like avocado at all. It’s not even green. My friends tell me ‘capis’ is similar to Yakult.

My partner ordered the Iced Lychee – extremely sweet and tasted like it had just come out of the can along with the syrup it comes in. Still refreshing.

We started with the pork and prawn gyoza ($6.90). A little pan fried dumpling that surprises you with a small kick of chilli and spices when you’re least expecting it. Not too bad.

I chose the Seafood Udon ($16) as my main. The seafood included prawns, scallops, fish and crab stick mixed in a broth containing broccoli, bamboo shoots and seaweed. The broth itself wasn’t that great – a bit too watered down for me (especially compared to the flavourful ramen broths you can get at Ippudo Sydney). It was still a decent meal in a massive bowl.

Seafood Udon

My partner’s Seafood Yaki Udon ($13.80) – much tastier than my seafood udon.

Seafood Yaki Udon

Food porn of other dishes below. I got to try my friend’s tempura roll ($13), the pieces are massive, much bigger than your usual sushi roll though it’s largely filled with rice.

Tempura roll
Chicken ramen ($9.80)
Curry tofu don ($9.90)

Overall, pretty cheap prices for a decent serving of food. There is so much to choose from and the food comes out really quickly. I’d like to try out the Five Mix Sashimi ($24.80) and the Wafu steak ($11.90) next time. Kagawa have lunch sets priced between $11.90 and $14.90. They also have a selection of sake, fruit liquor and cocktails.

Foodgasm 6.5/10

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