I booked into high tea at Ricardo’s with a girlfriend of mine. I love Ricardo’s cakes and pastries so was really looking forward to testing out their high tea. It is $35 per person and you can book it online. They do high tea every day from 2pm. It also includes a tea/coffee or cold drink.

A cute 3 tiered wooden stand was brought out to us filled with delectable goodies. This included macarons, sandwiches, and their new range of mousse cakes in peanut butter, peppermint, red velvet and salted caramel flavours.

Ricardo's Jamison high tea cakesThere were also blueberry scones with fresh jam and cream.

Ricardo's Jamison high teaThe scones were nice and provided something different to the plain scones we were expecting. They weren’t warm when they came out which was disappointing but still good to eat. The sandwiches were deliciously fresh and soft. We both thought the egg sandwiches were the best – not too ‘eggy’ to cause bad breath. The salmon and cucumber sandwiches had a good portion of salmon in them too.

I liked the peanut butter mousse and the peppermint mousse cakes. Great flavours and because its in mousse form, they were light and not too rich to eat. I’d tried the red velvet mousse on a previous outing there, but found it didn’t taste like red velvet at all. It was more like rose water. I loved the macarons here – the blueberry one is divine. We were both so full at the end and couldn’t finish everything. Luckily a takeaway box was provided.

At 3pm on a Saturday afternoon, Ricardo’s was still packed. It is very loud inside with families, babies and prams everywhere. Definitely family friendly. We still enjoyed ourselves and the delicious treats. Yum!

Foodgasm 8/10

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P.S. I still think the high tea at Cafe Societea is (so far) the best in Canberra.

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