Walking around the bus depot markets in Kingston with half of Canberra, I did a lap of the mini food court. The crepe stall (forget what they’re called) had some samples of something cake-like on the counter. Not knowing what it was, I sampled a tiny sliver. I fell in love with this instantly and asked the guy at the counter what it was.

It’s called a cannelle (or canele) – a small French pastry with a thick dark caramelised crust and a soft custardy centre that originated in Bordeaux (thanks Wikipedia). Only $2.50 each at the crepe stall, its very cheap and so so tasty.

At first I thought it was a bit burnt on the outside, but that’s just the caramelised sugar effect. The outside is crunchy but chewy. The inside is unbelievably soft and so moist with a hint of custard.

Cannelle Kingston Bus Depot Markets

Cannelle Bus Depot Markets

A small pastry that packs a great punch. I didn’t find the sweetness overbearing and could have had two of them.

Highly recommended, especially if you like sweets 🙂

Foodgasm 9.5/10

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