There are eggs galore on Ricetta‘s weekend brunch menu. Ricetta is an Italian cafe/pizzeria that also do breakfast pizzas and calzone (folded over pizza).

It is hidden away in Manuka, at the M Centre along Palmerston Lane. I only discovered this place after seeing it on Livingsocial with a voucher deal for 2 people.

I took 3 of my foodie friends on a Saturday morning, who really wanted eggs for breakfast. We counted 12 of the 16 breakfast items on the menu all had some kind of egg in it.

I ordered the Tuscan Hot Chocolate (which is the same as their Italian thick hot chocolate but with whipped cream on top). This was really thick, i could almost stand my spoon in it by itself. My friend ordered the same thing and mentioned it wasn’t chocolately enough. I’d have to agree. They must’ve used some gelatinous thickener to make it really really thick.

Tuscan Hot Chocolate

I ordered the foccacia e funghi. This came out with a the largest single mushroom I have ever seen with melted cheese and sitting on top of two pieces of foccacia. Not exactly what I was expected but the mushroom was tasty.

Foccacia e funghi

A friend’s dish – the salsicce with scrambled eggs and potato

As previously mentioned, I came here earlier in the year and ordered one of the breakfast pizzas. The ‘Rusticana’ with cheese, egg, sliced salsicce and roasted potatoes. I enjoyed this pizza though it was slightly burnt along the edges.

‘Rusticana’ breakfast pizza

Watching all the dishes come out to other diners, I’d like to try the breakfast calzone and the brioche with crispy prosciutto next. The food is not outstanding but pretty decent for decent prices. The staff are welcoming and friendly and its not too loud inside though there were quite a few people in the restaurant. I’d love to go back for lunch or dinner and try out their pasta dishes too.

Foodgasm 6/10

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