The breakfast prefix menu at C Dine Bar provides a 2 course menu where you can choose what you would like in each course. It also includes an amuse bouche as a starter. I think this is the only venue in Canberra to offer a breakfast prefix. Love the idea!

The amuse bouche was a small cup of warm apple cider with the slightest hint of alcohol. It was very sweet but there were lovely flavours.

For the 1st course, I chose the Brioche with Pear and Goatscurd Ice cream. I was worried it would be too sweet first thing in the morning but it was really refreshing, light and not too sweet. The ice cream was probably the sweetest thing on the plate. The brioche crunchy but savoury.

For the 2nd course, I chose the Spanish Eggs. Really liked this dish – the poached eggs were perfectly cooked sitting on top of yummy meatballs and salsa. The toasted English muffins were a great choice to accompany the meal. I found the dish wasn’t oily as with most other Spanish Egg style dishes. Good balance of everything.

My other 3 friends ordered the Eggs Benedict. Verdict: all 3 liked their dish and the perfectly poached eggs.

A few hiccups: On entering the restaurant and being shown the breakfast prefix menu, the waiter informed me that coffee was also included in the prefix. I thought to myself ‘bargain 2 courses plus coffee!’ While ordering, I double-checked with the waitress (a different person), if coffee was included and she informed us that it wasn’t.

One of my friends has a gluten intolerance. He specifically told the waitress this and was told they could make anything gluten-free. So he ordered the gluten-free version of the eggs benedict. When it was served (by a different person again), the eggs were sitting on top of a piece of bread. When he enquired whether it was the gluten-free version, he was told by the waiter that they don’t do gluten-free food. (This is quite a shock as most restaurants nowadays, especially the modern hip and happening places cater for gluten-free customers). Eventually, the bread was simply removed.

On paying the bill, the waiter explained that as it was their opening week, they were still training staff and learning the ropes. For the gluten-free mix up, he was kind enough to take provide a refund for that dish.

It’s true, the staff need to learn the menu and get their facts straight. Just a learning curve. I’m sure in a few weeks things will run more smoothly. I loved the breakfast prefix and hope they mix up the menu every few months. Will definitely be going back for more 🙂

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