When I found out the new-ish China Plate restaurant in Kingston was serving yumcha on weekends, I put it on my foodie bucket list to try out.

There are two yumcha banquets available – standard and premium. We went with the premium banquet.

Each person receives one of each yumcha dish. At $40 per person, that’s quite pricey for yumcha.

Lobster dumplings
Shredded duck rolls
Shanghai dumpling and prawn dumpling
Siu mai and xiao long bao
Spinach dumpling and pork buns
Soft shell crab
Char kway teow

The shredded duck rolls were a bit too floury and there was hardly any duck inside – felt a bit like a rip off. The xiao long bao aren’t fantastic either, especially when compared to Din Tai Fung, they were served warm just higher than room temperature. I’d prefer it steaming hot from the bamboo steamer. The rest of the food was nice but average.

I prefer yumcha with the traditional trolleys at The Scholar in Dickson or Noble Palace in Woden compared to China Plate.

Foodgasm 6.5/10
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