Replacing Milk & Honey in civic is Shorty‘s – restaurant and bar. They offer bar food, finger food, mains, desserts and drinks. The fit out inside is pretty funky. They’ve kept the two levels and it now has a lounge/bar feel to it with limited outdoor dining.

I’ve been here on 2 separate occasions so far. The first time we only wanted coffee and cake. Arriving around 4pm, but found out we could only order from a limited menu on the chalkboard. No cake 🙁 We weren’t that hungry but wanted to try it out anyway. 

We tried the duck wings which were really tasty but it was pretty much all bone.

And a bowl of chips which were nice and crunchy.

On the second occasion, I came here for lunch to try out their regular menu.

We decided to try the Korean style sticky lamb ribs – hardly any meat and very difficult to eat when trying to cut through all the gristly fat. Not worth ordering. We ordered a serve of crunchy chips too.

Korean style sticky lamb ribs

We also had the chicken skewers with soft tortilla, shredded lettuce, sour cream and avocado. It looked messily assembled. We weren’t impressed with it at all – seemed like something anyone could make. And tasted like it too. Most of it was left on the plate. Pass.

Chicken skewers

I thought dessert might be better and ordered the pear cobbler with cinnamon donut ice cream and candied walnuts. This was a bit all over the place and the cobbler itself was dry. The ice cream definitely tasted of cinnamon – I think they could’ve made it better by adding some chunks of donut on the side or something, otherwise why call it cinnamon donut ice cream?

I think Shorty’s is first and foremost, a bar. I’m disappointed with the food. The crunchy chips are the only thing that seem to be consistently good. In saying this, there are still other things on the menu Id like to try like the pigface sanga, and pulled BBQ pork burger. I’ve also read good reviews of the fried golden gaytime. I don’t think I’d ever suggest this place to go to for a proper meal. But others may like it if you just want a drink and some finger food.

Foodgasm 4/10

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