I organised a group dinner at Me & Mrs Jones in Kingston with some friends. When I rang up to make a booking, they informed me that there were only spare tables in the enclosed heated outdoor area. It was a cold Canberra’s Winter’s night but the staff member assured me it would be warm with the heaters there. It was definitely toasty, hotter outdoors in the enclosed area than it was inside!

Wild rabbit lasagne

My partner ordered the wild rabbit lasagne for something different. It came out in a ceramic pot and looked more like soup than lasagna. It tasted pretty average too. My partner complained there was only one pasta sheet, and the rest of the dish was soup with some rabbit meat in it. Unimpressive and not filling.

I ordered the swordfish risotto which was cooked al dente, however it was very sour and vinegary (almost like sauerkraut) overpowering the dish. There were about three pieces of swordfish in it too. Did not like this at all.

Braised swordfish risotto with fresh herbs, fennel, zucchini ribbons and dill creme fraiche

A friend’s dish – the barramundi saltimbocca. An average dish but the balsamic syrup was a bit too strong and overpowering.

Barramundi saltimbocca wrapped in prosciutto with polenta, Sicilian salsa, green beans and balsamic syrup

I’ve always wanted to try a croquembouche, especially after watching shows like Masterchef, and was excited to see it on their menu. I was a bit deflated when I saw it come out. I was expecting something extravagant and tall, but got 5 small cream-filled profiteroles stacked together with some fairy floss on top. I quite liked the crunchy sheets of toffee layered between the profiteroles and the Persian fairy floss was some of the best I’ve ever had. However, the profiteroles themselves were bland.

I don’t think the dinner menu at Me & Mrs Jones is as good as their breakfast menu. I was very disappointed with dinner here. But there are other things on the dinner menu that I’d like to try such as the steamed duck buns, 12 hr lamb shoulder, 5 spice confit duck and the burgers. I will give dinner here another go before I completely write it off.

Foodgasm 4/10
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