I read about Gelato Messina for the first time on Urbanspoon as one of the best ranked restaurants/cafes in Sydney. To my delighted surprise, it is an ice cream shop specialising in awesome looking miniature ice cream cakes.

I am really grateful to my partner (a non-foodie) who puts up with my innate cravings and ‘must-eat’ planned foodie outings whenever we go to Sydney, or anywhere really. Especially when it was pouring down with rain as we walked to Darlinghurst from the CBD.

We finally found the little place that has the main ice cream shopfront and the cake shop next door.

Gelato Messina cakes
I just wanted to buy up ALL the mini cakes. They’re gorgeous! We only tried one (after filling up with 2 scoops of ice cream from the main shop). I picked the cutest (and last) one – Dr Evil’s Magic Mushroom (and now my profile picture).
Gelato Messina Magic Mushroom
Gelato Messina magic mushroom2

Gelato Messina inside mushroomThe ingredients help sheet pointed out what was inside the mushroom.

It was caramel/chocolatey/icecream goodness. I really liked the peanut butter cookie and green popping candy. All elements together = a brilliant combination!

Can’t wait to go back and try out the other delectable goodies.

Foodgasm 8/10

Gelato Messina on Urbanspoon

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